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Links of Interest Related to the Chinese Yuan

It always helps us understand a subject more thoroughly when we can get a well-rounded picture of it with different opinions mixed in with a lot of facts.  Here are some websites that will help you understand the Yuan and give you a comprehensive knowledge of this very important currency that is beginning to have a strong influence on the global market. - Wikipedia is a well-known internet encyclopedia that covers a myriad of subjects.  In this case, it tells you about the Chinese Yuan—about the history of Chinese currency, the early history of their coins, the era that introduced the Yuan, how it is connected to the US dollar and other facts of interest.  This page gives you a good, well-rounded view of the Yuan. - This financial blog is very informative and explores the role of the Yuan both present day and the possibilities of the future.  It explains China’s goals for its economy and how it plans to accomplish those goals by controlling its own currency plus a variety of other related subjects.  Complete with visual aids, this site helps you understand the Yuan in simple everyday language. - This Huffington Post columnist explains recent events regarding the Yuan and the reasons behind them.  It also explores the possibility of the Yuan replacing the dollar as a global currency. - This website has many articles about the Yuan that help the reader understand the economic and social issues behind the manipulation of this currency.  You’ll learn how it affects the US economy and other global economies and just how far the actions of China’s treasury can reach.  You’ll find many archived articles that are very topical. - This website presents a good general overview of China including people of interest in that influence the Yuan, its unique characteristics, a brief view of the Chinese economy as well as the products it imports and exports.  It includes a currency converter so that you can track changes in the Yuan or other currency you may be interested in.

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