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Japanese Yen: Present Condition

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Decades surround the Japanese Yen and where it currently rests in the currency exchange as opposed to where it began. The Yen equates to 0.11 USD as opposed to $1 centuries ago.

In the 1970s, due to numerous oil crisis situations, the Yen’s value dropped dramatically. The Yen began to peak at the beginning of the 1970s but that peak sharply fell in late 1979-early 1980. In the 1980s an increase in account surplus caused the Yen’s value to begin to rise and the demand for it also began to grow. However, Japanese investors didn’t capitalize on the rise, yet turned their backs on it. Japanese investors kept the Yen down as they began exchanging their Yen for other currency types. According to studies the Yen stayed kept down by these exchanges by investors. Although the trade surplus grew, the Yen stayed stationary.

In the mid 1980s it was later found that the US dollar was overvalued. The signing of the anticipated Plaza Accord unfortunately resulted in the Yen continuing to be undervalued. However to correct the mistakes of the past the agreement and a change in where the supply and demand sat caused an increase in what the Yen was valued at. After years of up and down value wars with the Yen against the US Dollar, finally in the early 1990s and into the mid 1990s, the Yen reached a value of 80 Yen per dollar according to researchers.

During a time period known as the Japanese Asset Price bubble the Yen once again fell on hardships. However it quickly regrouped and found its value at the highest it had been in over 20 years at a well respected 90 Yen to the US Dollar. Times have truly changed for the Yen.

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